• Cooking Range Parts

    We are the pioneer of introducing complete range of cooking range knobs and accessories related, with 50+ varieties of knobs available.

    Starting from cooking range legs to the top burner, we have all of them.

    Cooking Range Parts
  • Refrigerator Parts

    Starting from defrost timers to LBP/HBP compressors. All you will get under one roof.

    Different qualities of parts available, Choose according to your budget. Most of the parts comes with warranty.


    Refrigerator Parts
  • Washing Machine Parts

    Almost complete range of spare parts for washing machines used in Middle East region.

    Starting from Speed Queen to Chinese made machine, all you can buy from one place.

    Economy to quality, whatever you need we have it.

    Washing Machine Parts
  • Air Conditioning Parts

    Wide range of Air-Conditioner Parts are available.

    Window A/C fan motors, Condenser coils, Front Grill and Grill accessories, Name Plates, Knob, Louvers and synchronous motors.

    Different kinds of PC-Boards and Universal remote controls for Indoor Units.

    Refrigerants from China, India, USA, Europe.

    Air Conditioning Parts

Welcome! To Semco Refrigeration

“Semco Refrigeration” is in refrigeration field since 2002. In 10 years, Semco Refrigeration achieved a lot from a small, not known shop to now as a famous supplier for the most of the products in refrigeration and home appliances field.

We have introduced new concept of quality products at reasonable price in the market. Now people have trust on the products they buy from us. Also received the Best Distributor Award of 2013 from Al-Tayar Insulation factory, Pioneer in introducing quality products like Thaiwa Vacuum Cleaner motors, Galaxy Refrigerants, Thai Rubbers boots and Gear boxes.
Now with our tireless efforts and by maintaining the quality of products, we have the customer base all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Samref is our brand name. This logo was developed to ensure the satisfaction of customers on our products. You can trust the quality of products with our brand name.



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Galaxy R-134a Can Pack

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Manifold for R-410

Aluminum Manifold for R-410, R-134 and R-22

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New Arrival! SAMREF A/C Fan Motors

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12V DC Motor

12V DC Motor.

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